Narcisoro Drigez Four Pureum Skibody Lotion Set

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Popular fragrance "Four Her Pure Mask" and Body Lotion Watasiplas Limited Set

A popular fragrance "Four Herpy Purehakk" of Narcisolo Driguez 'Four Hire Pureimsk' and the Wataciplas Limited Items in which the special size body lotion is set. [Set contents] · Narcisoro Drigez Fourhaperpuam Squid Rigem 30 ml · Narcisolo Driges Four Har Body Lotion 50 ml ※ This product is a product of NARCISO Rodriguez Parfums.

▶▶How to use
【Four Hire Pureum Squeege Eauu De Palfam】
● The start of use, press the dispenser several times until it comes out.
● Please check the orientation of the spray mouth when you are using, and push down the dispenser straight.
● Please use it for wrist, cigarette, knee inside, breast and so on.
【Four Har Body Lotion】
● Take an appropriate amount for the palm and let the whole body.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Four Hire Pureum Skibody Lotion Set

Internal capacity
[Audipardam] 30ml [body lotion] 50 ml

Musky Shiplay

Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

[Four Hire Purem Square] Ethanol, Fragrance, Water, T-Butyl Methodicidabenzoyl Methane, Methoxyquidiacidate Ethylhexyl, BHT [Four Har Body Lotion] Water, BG, Tri (Caprylic Acid / Capric Acid) Glyceryl, Dimethicon, Fragrance , Glycerin, steareless-2, stearless-21, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexaciloxane, sialzer, polyacrylamide, (C13, 14) isoparaffin, ethyl paraben, acetate tocopherol, methyl paraben, EDTA-2NA, (acrylate / acrylic acid alkyl) (C10-30)) Cross polymer, laureless -7, hydroxylation

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

【Four Hire Pureum Squeege Aud Parfum】 ◇ If the skin weaker is weak, please do not put it directly.確 確 Please check the direction of the injection port and then spray. ◇ とき When entering eyes, please rinse immediately. If you feel uncomfortable at your eyes, please contact your ophthalmologist. ◇ 注 Please note that you may change from the accessories etc. ◇ Because it may be stained on clothes, please do not go directly. ◇ ◇ If you move with only the cap and the part of the nozzle, you may get out of the camera, so please bring the unit at the time of movement. ◇ Place it in a place where infants do not reach. ◇ After using once, leave it for a long time and avoid reuse. ◇ Do not place extremely high temperature, low temperature or high humidity location, direct sunlight.注 Please be careful about fire. ◇ ま Rarely, changes in color tone may occur, sedideways, etc., but there is no hindrance to the scent. ◇ ◇ If it adheres to a washbasin, marble or resin washbasin, etc., it may be discolored and deformed, so if it is attached, wipe it immediately. ◇ 気 Please be careful enough to handle the glass container. 【Four Har Body Lotion】 ◇ Do not use it on your face. ◇ Close the cap properly after use. ◇ Do not place at the time of the day and high temperature and humidity.

※ 日本語 ※
人気フレグランス「フォーハー ピュア ムスク」とボディローションのワタシプラス限定セット

ナルシソロドリゲスの人気フレグランス「フォーハーピュアムスク」のオードパルファムと、特製サイズのボディローションとがセットになったワタシプラス限定商品。[セット内容]・ナルシソロドリゲスフォーハーピュアムスクオードパルファム30mL・ナルシソロドリゲスフォーハーハーボディローション 50mL※本品は、NARCISO RODRIGUEZ PARFUMSの商品です。











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