The collagenza collagen (drink) 10 pieces + 2 bottles

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Dose limited! The collagen (drink) 10 pieces + 2 bottles

The collagen (drink) 10 shows two sample items. In addition to the beauty patent component (Kozomo + Amra fruit), strawberry seed extract from unique super fruit, blend Wenzhou Mikan extract. Grow the basis of beauty and go home every day. Beauty support components such as low molecular weight collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide and vitamin C are also blended. Beauty Patent Affiliation Pat. No. 4,917,180: Patent No. 5996156 for beauty by combination of blended components such as cocomo and Amula fruits Patent No. 5996156: Patent Low calorie · Lipid zero-Noncaffeine · preservative addition of a baby seed extract Mix fruit flavor (such as such a)
● Do you want to spend a daily life
● I want to be beautiful forever
● Feel free to take collagen positively
● Beauty consciousness

▶▶How to use

● Please refrain from cooking well with one day a day.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
The collagen (drink) 10 pieces + 2 bottles

Internal capacity
50 ml × 10 + 2



Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date
Usage notes

◇ Please drink immediately after opening. ◇ 参照 Please refer to the ingredients and do not eat food allergies. In addition, please refrain from using it because it may not be rare due to your physical condition. ◇ 相 Please consult your doctor or pharmacist in advance if you use a kid or pregnant that is being treated with diseases etc. ◇ There is a risk of damage to the container, so do not warm and freeze.注◇ Please be careful not to injure at the caplet or projection. ◇ ◇ There may be precipitates and floats from raw materials, but there is no problem with quality.あ り が と う あ は 自 リ リ リ リ.食 During the food life, we will balance your diet based on staple food, main dish and side dish.

Nutritional ingredient
[1 (50 mL) per (50 mL) Energy 8.2 kcal / protein 1.1 g / lipid 0 g / carbohydrate 4.2 g / saline equivalent 0.0019 to 0.18 g / vitamin C 100 mg
Main blended components
[1 (50 ml) per (50 ml)] collagen 1,000 mg / 5 mg of hyaluronic acid / 600 μg ceramide
Raw material name
Ellistritol (American production), collagen peptide (including gelatin), reducing maltose salmon syrup, kozo juice, Amra fruit extract, Wenzhou Mikan extract, konjaku extract, hyaluronic acid, strawberry seed extract / flavor (derived from orange), acidity, vitamin C, thickening polysaccharide (soy-derived), sweetener (acesulfome potassium, sucralose), vitamin B2

※ 日本語 ※

ザ・コラーゲン (ドリンク)10本に、見本品2本が付いています。独自のスーパー果実由来の美容特許成分(コケモモ+アムラ果実)、イチゴ種子エキスに加え、温州ミカンエキスを配合。美しさの根幹を育み、ハリのある毎日へ。低分子コラーゲン、ヒアルロン酸、セラミド、ビタミンCなどの美容サポート成分も配合。美容特許成分配合特許第4917180号:コケモモとアムラ果実など配合成分の組み合わせによる美容についての特許特許第5996156号:イチゴ種子エキスによる美容についての特許低カロリー・脂質ゼロ・ノンカフェイン・保存料無添加ミックスフルーツ風味(こんなかたに)










〔1本(50mL)当たり〕エネルギー 8.2kcal/たんぱく質1.1g/脂質 0g/炭水化物 4.2g/食塩相当量 0.0019~0.18g/ビタミンC 100mg
〔1本(50mL)当たり〕コラーゲン 1,000mg/ヒアルロン酸 5mg/セラミド 600μg

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