Anesa Perfect UV Skin Care Milk A Trial Set B

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※ English ※
UV care limited set where skin and lips are protected

UV care to protect the skin and lips. Everyday life, also for sports leisure and seas and pools. Limited set of strongest UV milk and lip UV lip cream that can be skin care. [Set Description] · Perfect UV Skin Keikenkilk A (Sunscreen Laptob) Scent 60mlspf 50 + · Pa +++ + Citrus Sorpe Aroma, Non-Comes-Genic Tested-Perfect UV Skinki Alip Barm A (UV Cut Lip Cream) 5 GSPF35 · PA +++ Fragrance, Uniform color

▶▶How to use
【Perfect UV Skin Care Milk A】 For your face. Everyday life, also for sports leisure and seas and pools.
● Because it is a two-layer type, please shake carefully. (When used by the face and neck) ※ It can be used as a cosmetic site.
● At the end of the morning skin care, the palm of the hand takes one yen coin large, five places of the face (both, the amount, nose, chin), and the sorrows and felting to the face of the face. (If you do not want to use the foundation, take the same amount again and repeat the same)
● When putting on the neck, take 10 yen coin large and fly from bottom to top. Do not forget your ear and foot.

(When used for from
● It takes plenty of linearly on the skin directly from the container.
● Fit the entire palm of the palm to the skin and spread to draw a big circle. When dropping, please bubble your cleaning fee well with body towel etc. and rinse it carefully. * If the amount used is small, sufficient ultraviolet protection effect can not be obtained. * Please apply as needed, after sweating or wiping with a towel. * Please come to each other for 2 to 3 hours to maintain the effect. * Please reimple the situation such as those who are sensitive to ultraviolet light, the shoulder, chest, amount, nose, and bones, etc. according to the situation. * When the skin is wet, please put it with moisture.

【Perfect UV Skinki Alip Barm A】
● Press the tube lightly and take appropriate amounts and apply it to the lips directly and spread to the left and right.
● You can also use it over lipsticks as a base of your lipstick. * If the amount used is small, sufficient ultraviolet protection effect can not be obtained.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Perfect UV Skin Care Milk A Trial Set B


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

[Perfect UV Skin Care Milk A] Water, Dimethicone, Zinc Oxide, Ethylpenthic, Cyclopentasiloxane, Tarc, Methacrylate, Methyl Cross Polymer, Ethanol, Sebacicate, Isopropyl, Isoded Dekan, Octocleene, PEG / PPG-9/2 Dimethyl Ether, Corn starch, ethylhexyl diethylaminohydroxybenzoylbenzoate, Titanium oxide, PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, glyceric acid isopropyl, toriacetate, tetraster stearic acid sucrose, silica, polysilicone-15, trimethylsiloxy silicone, bis. Ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyltriazine, Na, PEG / PPG-14/7 dimethyl ether, glythyllithinic acid 2K, chalkis, tombent lane extract, acetylhyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen, PPG-17, palmitic acid dextrin, isostearic acid, tri Ethoxycapurrylsilane, Disteal Dynamonium Hectolite, Hydrocytic AL, Stearic Acid, PEG-6, BHT, Tocopherol, EDTA-3NA, BG, (Vinyl Dimethicon / Methicone Silsesquioxane) Cross Polymer, Pyosulfite Na, Disteyryl Diamonium chloride, Edelweissed extract, phenoxyethanol, perfection [Perfect UV Skinki alip Beam A] Trisostearin, Triethylhexanoin, Polysilicone-15, Water Abisobutene, Micro Crystorin Wax, Methoxyacid Ethyl Hexyl, Dimethylsilylated Silica, Neopentyl glycol, t-butyl methoxydivenzoyl methane, oxobenzone-3, polyethylene, Argania spinosa nuclear oil, safflower oil, DPG, tocopherol, Cimeticon, BHT

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

[Perfect UV Skin Care Milk A] ◇ 注 Be careful not to get eyes, and when you enter it, rinse immediately. ◇ ◇ Wipe the container's mouth and clean it clean and close the cap properly. ◇ 注 Please note that the skin after putting the skin will remain white in clothes etc., if it is rubbed with clothes and car seats. ◇ ◇ If you are on clothes, please wash it quickly with a detergent. When washing, it will change to pink, so please use chlorine bleach. ◇ Please be careful not to use furniture, accessories, nails and leather products. Color fall or damaged.注 Please be careful about fire. 【Perfect UV Skinki Alip Barm A】 ◇ When I use it after meals, wipe your lips and use it. ◇ ◇ After using the tube's mouth and tissue paper, please be sure to close the cap and close the cap properly. ◇ ◇ Low temperature can be less susceptible to the ingredients, but in that case, please use it. ※ Product SPF display and PA display is the result of measuring 2 mg on the coating amount set in the International SPF Test Method and measured.

※ 日本語 ※

肌も唇も守り抜くUVケア。日常にも、スポーツ・レジャー・海・プールにも。スキンケアまでできる最強UVミルクと唇うるおうUVリップクリームの限定セット。[セット内容]・パーフェクトUVスキンケミルクa(日焼け止め用乳液)現品60mLSPF50+ ・ PA++++シトラスソープの香り、ノンコメドジェニックテスト済み・パーフェクトUVスキンケアリップバームa(UVカット・リップクリーム)5gSPF35 ・ PA+++無香料、無着色











【パーフェクトUVスキンケアミルクa】◇目に入らないように注意し、入ったときはすぐに洗い流してください。◇ご使用後は容器の口もとをきれいに拭き、必ずキャップをきちんと閉めてください。◇つけた後の肌が、衣服や車のシートなどとこすれた場合、衣服などに白く残ることがありますので、ご注意ください。◇衣服についた場合は、すぐに洗剤でていねいに洗ってください。洗う際には、ピンクに変色しますので塩素系漂白剤のご使用はさけてください。◇家具、小物、ネイル、革製品などにつかないよう十分ご注意ください。色落ちしたり、傷める場合があります。◇火気にご注意ください。【パーフェクトUVスキンケアリップバームa】◇食後にお使いになるときは、唇をひと拭してからご使用ください。◇ご使用後はチューブの口もとをティッシュペーパーなどできれいに拭き、必ずキャップをきちんと閉めてください。 ◇低温のところでは中味が出にくくなることがありますが、その場合は手であたためるようにしてお使いください。※商品のSPF表示及びPA表示は、国際SPF試験法に定められている塗布量1c㎡あたり2mgを皮ふに塗布して測定した結果です。

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