Narciso Rodriguez Narciso eau de parfum Anne shake 50mL

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※※ English and 日本語 ※※
※ English ※
Pull out the beauty of the women of the inner surface, and expressed the warmth and generosity eau de parfum

Caught inspiration from the glowing skin to sunlight, pull out the beauty and elegance of the women of the inner surface. Fragrant amber and vanilla blend is changed to the warm aroma, Tiare and Iran Iran emits a seductive floral notes while shining and sparkling. Spread to Salty musk scent of the blend to the skin, coupled with controversial mystical charm and Cedar and Woody, the smell of Anbari floral woody. ※ This product is a product of NARCISO RODRIGUEZ PARFUMS.

▶▶How to use

● first use, please press the number of times the dispenser until the fog comes out.
● from sure the direction of the spray nozzle is when you wish to use, please press down on the dispenser straight.
● wrist, elbow, the inside of the knee, please use such as the chest.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Narciso eau de parfum Anne shake 50mL

Internal capacity
Product Size
Width 55mm × height 80mm × depth 55mm

Scent of Anbari floral woody
Place of origin

By changing the place of origin, it may differ from the actual display. Please see the display of goods actual place of origin.

Release date

Ethanol, perfumes, water, t- butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, BHT, red 504, yellow 4, Purple 401

Due to change of improvements and display method of the product, there is a case where a part and the actual component different. Please see the display of goods actual component.


◇ those with sensitive skin, please do not put on the skin directly. ◇ Please Spray from the sure direction of the injection port. ◇ When it reaches the eyes, please rinse immediately. If rinse also remain discomfort in the eyes, please consult to the ophthalmologist. ◇ and attaches to accessories, etc., may be discolored rarely Please note. ◇ that it may cause stains and get to the clothes, please do not direct circle the. ◇ is moved with only a portion of the cap and nozzle, please you have a body at the time of the movement because there is out of fear. ◇ Please put out of reach of children. ◇ after using once, please avoid the re-use of a long period of time from left to. ◇ extremely hot, cold or high humidity locations, please place in direct sunlight. ◇ Please pay attention to the fire. ◇ In rare cases, the color tone of the change, there is a case that turbidity and sedimentation and the like occur, but there is no trouble in the fragrance and the like. ◇ furniture, if you adhere to the marble and resin wash basin, etc., so you might want to discoloration and deformation, please wipe off immediately if attached. ◇ Please be careful enough in handling of the glass container.

※ 日本語 ※

陽光に輝く肌からインスピレーションをとらえ、女性の内面の美しさやエレガンスを引き出します。香り高いアンバーとバニラのブレンドが温かな香りへと変化し、ティアレやイランイランはキラキラと輝きながら魅惑的なフローラルノートを放ちます。ソルティなムスクの香りが肌へ溶け込むように広がり、シダーやウッディと相まって神秘的な魅力を醸す、アンバリー フローラル ウッディの香り。※本品は、NARCISO RODRIGUEZ PARFUMSの商品です。





アンバリー フローラル ウッディの香り







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