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※ English ※
Special collection box with all four types of the cotton

The comfort of new sense of new sense. You can enjoy the luxury of the desired skin at the site to use and use. You will surely find your favorite cotton from 4 types. For gifts and gifts for those who are committed to skin care. Good (YU) Whether you have a soft texture so that you have a soft texture, the surface is fine and hard to fluff. Sense of feeling that feels comfortable and fragrant, as it is kindly wrapped. The exquisite balance drawn from Mare delicate and rare cotton is a proof of technology and innovation. A feeling of use that can enjoy a sloppy, different skin feeling with a single cotton. Software of cotton layers with different 凛 (RIN) density, and a soft touch while there is a firmness. A solid feeling of use, a solid feeling of use until the end of the care. Silk (Kinu) Golden ratio of silk and cotton is created, and the more fine gloss and breathtaking. Sense of good fascinating fascinating, smooth and skin-like, smooth and skinned. Cotton Size: 60mm × 80mm

▶▶How to use
(Let's have cotton in the direction of "Horizontal") Cotton is made so that fibers flow in the longitudinal direction. By using the fiber flow, the cotton smoothly slips with the skin, and the lotion can be extended to the smoothness. ※ Lotion is a slightly larger amount from 500 yen coin.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
The Cotton Collection

Internal capacity
10 pieces × 4 types
Product size
Width 104mm × height 42mm × depth 281mm


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

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※ 日本語 ※

かつてない新感覚の心地よさ。使い方や使う部位で好みの肌あたりを贅沢に楽しめます。4タイプの中からお気に入りのコットンがきっと見つかります。スキンケアにこだわりを持つ方への贈り物やプレゼントにも。優 (Yu)空気をまとったようにやわらかな風合いながらも、表面はきめ細かく、毛羽立ちにくい高機能。優しく包まれているような、心地よさとやすらぎを感じる使用感。稀 (Mare)繊細で稀少な綿花から引き出された絶妙のバランスは、技術と革新の証。なめらかなのにふんわりした、異なる肌感覚を一枚のコットンで贅沢に楽しめる使用感。凛 (Rin)密度の異なる綿の層を重ね合わせ、しっかりとコシがありながら、やわらかな肌触りを実現。お手入れの最後までしっかりとした、しなやかな使用感。絹 (Kinu)シルクとコットンの黄金比が生む、きめ細かな艶と息を飲むほど上品な質感。いつまでも持続する、なめらかで肌すべりの良い魅惑の使用感。コットンサイズ:60mm×80mm







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