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Cleaning mask to remove dirt and rough witness every time you use

From advanced skin research. Remove the dirt and rough witness every time you use. Remove unnecessary things that can not be dropped by cleansing alone. Fast Steps Opening Closed Skin Doors. Every time you use the skin that is worried about the skin, it leads to a fine-grained skin. Glycolic acid (らか らか)

▶▶How to use
(Before using before use) Before filling the cream, it is a slightly painted under the bone, left for 2-3 minutes, and if you do not feel Shiki, use the total of the pouch pack according to the method of drawing Please fill the entire face (the eye, the nostril, and the surroundings of the mouth). (Usage)
● We use after washing.
● The total amount of pouch pack is one usage.
● When opening a pouch pack, please open from the open mouth so that the content does not splatter.
● Take an appropriate amount for your fingertips and divide it several times, around your eyes, take into your mouth, your nostrils, your life, and spread them uniformly.
● Please rinse thoroughly with water with cream fingertips.
● Leave it as it is for about 5 minutes, and wash it enough to do so as a guide for about 1 minute with running water. ※ If left for 5 minutes or more, it will be difficult to dry and dropped, so do not leave for more than 5 minutes.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
First peeling

Internal capacity
3G × 5 package
Product size
Width 32mm × height 86mm × depth 10mm


Feeling of use
Turturu, Slack


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

Water, Bg, glycolic acid, (dimethyl acrylamide / acryloyl dimethyl taurine Na) cross polymer, glycerin, hydroxylated Na, citric acid Na, (PEG-240 / decyltetra de as -20 / HDI) copolymer, PPG-13 desyltetra De-24, hydroxylated Al, BHT, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, titanium oxide

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

◇◇ Please refrain from using it. · Immediately after tanning (Please use after one week or more) · Immediately after the face (please use after the next day) · Drying · Skin is awful ◇ Pyripli, hot flashiness, and light fish feel during use It may be If you felt the above for about 5 minutes, please rinse with water immediately. If you still can't get rid of it, please wash your face with your soap. ◇◇ Since the cream may be in the eyes, please refrain from using it during bathing. ◇ ◇ 入 入,,,,,,,,,,,, は は は. Be careful not to be directly attached to the eyes, lips and nostrils. If you enter, please rinse with water or lukewarm water immediately. ◇ Please use this product for more than 2 days. ◇ After opening, be sure to use it once. (Other notes) ◇ Do not use the following. · If you have experience in skin problems with compounding cosmetics such as alpha-hydroxy acid, fruit acid and glycolic acid in the past · Currently, those who are treated with dermatologists · Art makeup If you are tattooed on your skin ◇ Avoid sunburn and artificial sunburn for a week before use. ◇ one week after use and during use, ultraviolet rays and protect the skin, such as SPF15 or more sunscreen which has the effect of preventing, sunburn, also please also avoid artificial tanning. ◇ Avoid combined use of the following products and beauty methods. · Facial cleansing, peeling, pore pack, gomag, etc. Physically removing pillars such as scrubbing agents, peeling, cleansing and cleansing special puffs, cross and blanc, etc. (skin fragment method) And products including products, retinoic acid, hydroquinone, phenol, such as product, α-hydroquine, fruit acid, glycolic acid (other than this product), products containing hydrochloric acid, hydroquinone, and phenol. Skin after using this product. It is sensitive to Shigeki. Please note that your cosmetics may feel good. ◇ け Open a minimum of one month from using this product (5 minutes) and then to the next use. ◇ ◇ If you have winter, dryness, and rough skin, you may feel strongly.場合 If redness or pain continues, please refrain from cotton and gauze soaked cold water, and consult your skin department or Shiseido Customer window.場合 If symptoms such as redness, shigsuki, itching continue until the next morning, please use it. ◇ ない Do not keep heavier on the pouchpack when storing. ◇ ◇ Do not reach the hands of infants. ◇ It is not food. Please be careful about the place to prevent incorrect drinks. ◇ Do not place it at the sun and at high temperatures.

※ 日本語 ※


(最初にご使用する前に)クリームを塗りひろげる前に、ほお骨の下に少し塗り、2~ 3分間放置し、しげきを感じなかった場合、図の塗り方にしたがって、パウチパック全量を使い方にそってお顔の全体(目、鼻孔、口の周囲は除きます)に塗りひろげてください。(ご使用法)











◇以下のような場合は、ご使用を控えてください。・日焼けをした直後(1週間以上経過後にご使用ください) ・顔そりをした直後(翌日以降にご使用ください)・乾燥、肌荒れがひどいとき◇使用中にピリピリや、ほてり感、軽いかゆみを感じる場合があります。約5分間の使用中に上記を強く感じた場合は、すぐに水で洗い流してください。それでも治まらない場合は、石けんで洗顔をしてください。◇汗やしずくでクリームが目に入るおそれがありますので、入浴中の使用は控えてください。◇目に入ると、痛みを感じますので、目のまわりへの塗布は避けてください。目、唇、鼻孔には直接つかないように注意してください。もし入った場合は、すぐに水かぬるま湯で洗い流してください。◇本品は中2日間以上あけてご使用ください。◇開封後、すぐに、必ず1回で使い切ってください。(その他の注意事項)◇次の方は使用しないでください。・過去にα一ヒドロキシ酸、フルーツ酸、グリコール酸などの配合化粧品で肌トラブルの経験がある方・現在、皮膚科医で治療を受けている方・妊娠性肝斑の方・アートメークなど、お肌に刺青のある方◇使用前1週間は、日焼け、また人工的な日焼けも避けてください。◇使用中と使用後1週間は、紫外線を防ぐ効果のあるSPF15以上の日焼け止めなどで肌を保護し、日焼け、また人工的な日焼けも避けてください。◇以下の製品、美容法との併用は避けてください。・スクラブ剤の入った洗顔料、ピーリング、毛穴パック、ゴマージュなどの物理的に角層を除去する製品・洗顔専用のパフ、クロス、ブランなどを用いた洗顔・マイクロダーマブレーション(皮膚擦傷法)および同種類の製品・α― ヒドロキン酸、フルーツ酸、グリコール酸(本品以外)を含む製品・サリチル酸などのβ一ヒドロキシ酸、レチノイン酸、ハイドロキノン、フェノールを含む製品◇本品使用後は肌がしげきに対して敏感になっております。普段お使いの化粧品でも、しげきを感じることがありますので、ご注意ください。◇本品(5回分) を使い切ってから次の使用までは、最低1ヵ月の期間をあけてください。◇冬季や乾燥、肌荒れを起こしている場合は、しげきを強く感じる場合があります。◇赤みや痛みが続く場合は、冷水を浸したコットンやガーゼ等で冷やし、皮ふ科医または資生堂お客さま窓口にご相談ください。◇翌朝まで、赤み・しげき・かゆみなどの症状が続いた場合は、ご使用をおやめください。◇保管するときは、パウチパックの上に重いものをのせないでください。◇乳幼児の手の届かないところにおいてください。◇食べ物ではありません。誤飲などを防ぐため、置き場所にご注意ください。◇日のあたるところや高温のところに置かないでください。

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