The collagenza collagen (powder)

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Grow the basis of beauty, go to the daily life

Low molecular collagen 5,000 mg, in addition to the beauty patent component (Kozomo + Amra fruit), strawberry seed extract from super fruit, blended with warmth, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C. Powder cut with collagen unique taste and smell. Plus beautiful in daily diet life. Beauty Patent Differential Publication No. 4917180: Patent on Beauty by Combination of Boxomo and Amra Fruits.
● Do you want to spend a daily life
● I want to be beautiful forever
● Feel free to take collagen positively
● Beauty consciousness

▶▶How to use

● Dissolve it on your favorite drink or food, as a guide to about 6 g (1 tablespoon) once a day, and mix well.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
The Collagen (Powder)

Internal capacity
126 g
Product size
Width 170mm × height 190mm × depth 70mm


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date
Usage notes

◇ ◇ After opening, close the chuck, save it, save it, avoid high-temperature and humidity, and save it as soon as possible. ◇ Since powder adhering to the chuck, it will be difficult to close, so remove the powder and close it firmly. ◇ Do not put wet spoons into the bag. ◇ 溶 Melting may cause cloudy or time to lay at time, but there is no problem with quality. If you have a layer, please mix again and eat again. ◇ け After melting, please eat early. ◇ 注 Please note that if the powder is directly placed directly, it may be possible to reach the throat. ◇ ◇ Since the desiccant is contained, be careful not to call it incorrectly. ◇◇ Please refer to the raw material and eat food allergies. In addition, please refrain from using it because it may not be rare due to your physical condition. ◇ 相 Please consult your doctor or pharmacist in advance if you use a kid or pregnant that is being treated with diseases etc. ◇ ◇ Since the plant extract is used, the black point derived from the raw material may be seen or variations in the tone of the powder, but there is no problem with quality.食 During the food life, we will balance your diet based on staple food, main dish and side dish.

Nutritional ingredient
[One minute (6 g)] energy 22 kcal / protein 5.4 g / lipid 0 g / carbohydrate 0.0067 to 1.8 g / saline equivalent 0.03 to 0.81 g / vitamin C 100 mg
Main blended components
[One minute (6 g) per (6 g)] collagen 5,000 mg / hyaluronic acid 1 mg
Raw material name
Collagen peptide (including gelatin) * Milkcarcium, Amla Fruit extract, strawberry seed extract, Kozozo juice, Palatinose Heating, dextrin, hyaluronic acid, Wenzhou Mikan Express / Trehalose, Vitamin C, Fragrance, Cyclodextrin, Sweetener (Stevia ) ※ Please refer to the actual product name of the main raw material.

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〔1回分(6g)当たり〕エネルギー 22kcal/たんぱく質 5.4g/脂質 0g/炭水化物 0.0067~1.8g/食塩相当量 0.03~0.81g/ビタミンC 100mg
〔1回分(6g)当たり〕コラーゲン 5,000mg/ヒアルロン酸 1mg

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