Bearminelar dual side silicon blender

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※※ English and 日本語 ※※
※ English ※
Silicon and sponge duplex design that delivers moisture, one drop without leaving the skin and sponge

It is a puff for CR hydroating foundation stick only. Silicon plane is a material that does not absorb moisture, and the moisture and skin care ingredients are uniformly delivered throughout the skin, and the finish is a finish with fullness. The sponge surface is lightly suppressed to increase the fit to the skin, flatten the skin surface, and a soft mat-like finish like velvet. With a dedicated case with a zipper. Material: Silicon

▶▶How to use
○ Used in the order of silicon surface to sponge surface. ○ CR Hydle Treating Foundation Stick is doses (about 5 mm), and directs to T zones, cheeks, jaws, etc.

[Silicon surface] Lightly pinches the corner, and extends the foundation from the center of the face to slide the silicon surface. * You can use it for any time by wipe off after use.

[Sponge Surface] Make sure that you make it easy to move around the nose, pores, eyes around and face line so that the corner of the center is not too fast. ※ When dirty, brush conditioning shampoo (sold separately) or water washed with lukewarm water dissolved, and she shed well and drain water well.

Hold the Cover Power UP Tips next to the puff and pinch both sides, and repeat pompon and foundation with the silicon.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Dual side silicon blender

Product size
Width 45mm × height 66mm × depth 12mm


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date
Usage notes

◇ Do not put in a special case or pouch with the puffs are not completely dry. ◇ ◇ When dirty, use a Bearmineeral brush conditioning shampoo (sold separately) or wash with a lukewarm water that dissolves neutral detergent, and then cut it and drain and shade. ◇ お Please stop cleaning using metal and abrasives. ◇ ◇ Do not bend or twist because it may cause damage. ◇ Do not use other than the original application. ◇ 注 Please be careful not to get in your eyes when using it near the eyelids and eyes. ◇ If the comfort and finish get worse, please purchase a new puff.パ フ Puff is always clean and use. ◇ ない Do not place the direct sunlight station and extremely high temperature and humidity.保 保 Keep out of reach of infants.

※ 日本語 ※

CR ハイドレイティング ファンデーション スティック専用のパフです。シリコン面は水分を吸収しない素材のため、潤いやスキンケア成分を肌全体に均一に送り届け、つややかさあふれる仕上がりに。スポンジ面は軽く抑えるだけで肌へのフィット感を高め、肌表面をフラットに整え、ベルベットのようなソフトマットな仕上がりに。ファスナーの付いた専用ケース付き。材質:シリコン

○シリコン面~スポンジ面の順番に使用します。○CR ハイドレイティング ファンデーション スティックを適量(5mm程度)を繰り出し、Tゾーン、頬、アゴなどに直接のせます。

[シリコン面]角を軽くつまみ、力を入れずシリコン面をすべらせるようにお顔の中心から外側に向かってファンデーションを伸ばします。 *使用後はふき取るだけでいつでもキレイに使えます。

[スポンジ面]中心の角をつまみ力を入れすぎないように、小鼻や毛穴、目の周りやフェイスラインなどの動きやすい細部を、軽くおさえて整えます。 ※汚れた時はブラシ コンディショニング シャンプー(別売)または中性洗剤を溶かしたぬるま湯で洗い、十分にすすいだ後水気をよく切り、陰干ししてください。








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