Ihada medicine skin care set (very moist)

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※※ English and 日本語 ※※
※ English ※
Skin care set leading to skin that does not repeat skin and drying

A "high purification vaseline" blended with less impurities. Skin and Drying During Skin Skin Care Set of Skin-Led Skin. Positive lotion (very moist), medicine milk, 3 items of medicinal balm can be used for 12 days. [Set contents] · Iyhada drug lotion (very moist external product) (very moist) 25 ml · ihada drug Emulsion 15 ml · Iyhada drug Balm 5g ○ carefully selected ingredient / component blending ○ Paraben (preservative) Free, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free | No fragrance, non-coloring, weak acid ** drug lotion (very moist), medicinal emulsion

▶▶How to use
【Lotion for Ihada medicine (very moist)】
● After cleansing, take appropriate amounts (500 yen coin positive) in your hand and make it a gentle throughout the face.
● Finally, if the palm is fitted to wrap the entire face, the penetration effect will be improved. 【Ihada medicine emulsion】
● After lotion, take appropriate amount (10 yen coin positive) in your hand and make it a gentle throughout the face.
● Finally, if the palm is fitted to wrap the entire face, the penetration effect will be improved. 【Ihada drug balm】
● After cleansing, or after cleaning, carefully adjust the skin, the fingertips are appropriate (small pearl grain size) and gently to the part of the face or dry.
● From the broad part of the amount etc., we will make it carefully from the center of the face to the outside. It is more effective to lay the part, such as eyes and mouths, especially to dryness.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Medicinal skin care set (very moist)

Internal capacity
20 g
Product size
Width 90mm × height 136mm × depth 34mm


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

[Iyhada drug lotion (very moist] alantin *, glycyrrhizone acid dicarium *, purified water, concentrated glycerin, 1,3-butylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, polyoxyethylene methyl glucoside, polyoxyethylene (14) polyoxypropylene (7 Dimethyl ether, polyoxyethylene (17) polyoxypropylene (4) dimethyl ether, maltitol solution, trimethylglycine, polyoxyethylene cured castor oil, polyglyceryl diisostearate, glyceryl of tri-ethylhexanoate, sodium citrate, erythritol, quenium Acid, sodium metaphosphate, sodium pyosulfate, L-glutamate, sodium DL-pyrrolidone carboxylate, sodium DL-pyrrolidone carboxylate, vaseline, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, phenoxyethanol * "Other ingredients" [Other ingredients "[ Ijada Medicine Emulsion] Allanto-Glistylate Dicarium *, Purified Water, Diproplopylene Glycol, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Tetra 2-ethylhexanoate Pentaeritrite, Polyoxyethylene Isoritric Polyoxyethylene Ceryl. Vaseline, decamethyltetrasiloxane, polyoxyethyltetrasiloxane, monostearate, Batill alcohol, carboxyvinyl polymer, polyoxyethylene (17) polyoxypropylene (4) dimethyl ether, potassium hydroxide, xanthan gum, N-lauroyl-L -Glutamate di (phytosteryl, 2-octyldodecyl), sodium metaphosphate, sodium pyosulfate, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium pyrrutamate, normate, DL-pyrrolidone carboxylate solution, phenoxyethanol * is "active ingredient" The display is "other ingredients" [Iyhada drug] glycyrrhetinate stearyl *, synthetic squaring, pentaerine, tetra 2-ethylhexanoate pentaerytrit, α-olefin oligomer, palmitic acid dextrin, heavy fluid isoparaffin, sesquiisostearate sorbitan , Anhydrous silicic acid, silicone resin, tetrahydrotetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane, tetradecene, titanium oxide * "active ingredient" is not displayed "Other ingredients"

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

【Lotion for Ihahda drugs (very moist)】 ◇ After using it, please carefully catch the cap. ◇ ◇ Do not reach the hands of infants. ◇ Please do not go to the day of the day or at high temperature. ◇ ま Rarely, floats and precipitates of natural derived ingredients may occur, but there is no problem with safety and quality. 【Emulsion for Ihada medicine】 ◇ After using it, please carefully simultaneously. ◇ ◇ Do not reach the hands of infants. ◇ Please do not go to the day of the day or at high temperature. [Iyahada medicinal balm] ◇ After using it, the cap is brought into the cap. ◇ ◇ Do not reach the hands of infants. ◇ It is not possible to hit the day and at high temperatures. ◇ for melting such a feeling of use balm in skin temperature, they may appear oil droplets and white cloudy in the hills is when the contents surface to high temperature, no quality problems.

※ 日本語 ※

不純物の少ない「高精製ワセリン」配合。肌あれ・乾燥を繰り返さない肌に導く敏感肌処方の薬用スキンケアセットです。薬用化粧水(とてもしっとり)、薬用乳液、薬用バームの3品を12日間たっぷりお使い頂けます。[セット内容]・イハダ薬用ローション(医薬部外品)(とてもしっとり)25mL・イハダ薬用エマルジョン 15mL・イハダ薬用バーム 5g○厳選原料・成分配合○パラベン(防腐剤)フリー、アルコール(エチルアルコール)フリー○無香料、無着色、弱酸性**薬用ローション(とてもしっとり)、薬用エマルジョン











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