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Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Travel Set

Machi's moisture shampoo moisture conditioner and fragrance body soap set for travel. Macheli's unique ingredients, dense pearl honey jurization. Realize smooth or tilla hair and umitza skin. Sweet and refreshing floral frye scent. [Set contents] · Moisture shampoo EX50ML · Moisture conditioner EX50ml · Fragrance body Soap 50 ml

▶▶How to use
【Moisture Shampoo EX】
● Clean the hair and the scalp well, foam well while spreading the amount of the hair, and wash it well, and then rinse it. 【Moisture conditioner EX】
● After shampooing, lightly moist and make a dosage over the entire hair and make it rins well. 【Fragrance body soap】
● Take appropriate amounts of towels and sponges that contain hot water, wash and wash them well.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Travel set EX

Product size
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap: diameter 30mm × height 107mm

Sweet and refreshing floral frye scent

Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

[Moithure shampoo EX] water, laureless sulfate Na, cocamidopropyl betaine, DPG, lauryl glycol acetate Na, guur hydroxypropyllimonium chloride, hydroxyethylurea, polykeotanium-7, (propyllimonium chloride acrylamide / dimethyl acrylamide) copolymer, Lactic acid, honey, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed coniolin, sulfate, lauric acid PEG-2, citric acid, salicylic acid, EDTA-2NA, ammonium lactate, Bg, phenoxyethanol, Na benzoate, Na, perfume [moisture conditioner EX] water, stearyl Alcohol, isopentyl diol, Behented Limonium chloride, glycerin, dimethicone, DPG, cethanol, aminopropyl dimethicone, hydroxyethyl urea, stearlimonium chloride, PEG-90M, lactic acid, honey, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolysis Conquilin, isopropanol, Synthetic wax, salicylic acid, amodimethicon, pPG-2-deess-12, ammonium lactate, cetric monium chloride, Bg, silica, BHT, benzoic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, perfume, red 227, yellow 4 [fragrance body soap] water, pg Lauric acid, myristic acid, hydroxylate, palmitic acid, perfume, cocomide DEA, lauryl glycol acetate Na, polykonium-39, honey, cericin, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolysis chiolin, cocoacoacetic acid Na, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, EDTA- 3Na, pyosulfite Na, EDTA-4NA, Bg, citric acid, sorbic acid k, benzoic acid Na

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

【Moisture Shampoo EX】 【Moisture Conditioner EX】 ◇ Please be careful not to get in your eyes. If you enter, please rinse with water or lukewarm water. ◇ ◇ Do not reach the hands of infants. 【Fragrance Body Soap】 ◇ Do not use it on your face.注 Please be careful not to get into eyes. If you enter, please rinse with water or lukewarm water. ◇ ◇ Do not reach the hands of infants.

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トラベルセット EX









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