Shiseido Foundation Brush 131 (with exclusive case)

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Foundation brush to realize highly finished skin-free skin free

Thorough analysis of the finish of the makeup artist. A foundation brush that achieves highly completed skin skin with three effects of hair quality, length and oblique flat surface. Powdery Liquid Cream, Solid Emulsification Type Foundation Brush. It is a pleasant feeling of use that fits on the skin. With a dedicated case.

▶▶How to use

● Use the brush to have a long hair and hold a brush to have a pencil.

(How to finish the foundation of powder type and solid Emulsification type) 1) Lightly touch the surface of the foundation so as to be lightly touched to include it in the brush, and let the "firmly cover zone" be a ton. 2) In the fan remaining in the brush, let the "moderately cover zone" will be lighter. The brush is moved to the left and right around the eyes. 3) Face line 'thin zone' moves the brush outward.

(How to finish Liquid Cream Type Foundation) 1) In the palm of the hand, you will be able to make a dose of foundation and place it in four facies.

2) The "firmly cover zone" will be given to Tonton. 3) Make the "moderately cover zone" lightly to lighter. The brush is moved to the left and right around the eye and a fan demand. 4) Faceline 'Thin Zone' moves the brush outward.

(Care method)
● After using it, take a foundation remaining in the brush with tissue paper.
● When the brush is dirty, she lightly washed with a thin detergent to lukewarm water, washing lightly and soothing so that detergent does not remain, so many times with a dry towel or tissue, with a dry towel or tissue Press Tonton and press the moisture well. After that, please use the brush and dry it completely with a good shade.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Foundation brush 131 (with exclusive case)

Product size
Width 20mm × height 118mm × depth 20mm

For foundation


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date
Usage notes

◇ Do not put in a special case or pouch with a brush is not completely dry. ◇ It will be difficult to get brushed, so please always use it. ※ Please note that bacteria will breed and cause smell and cause skin problems if the brush is not completely dry. ◇ If the feeling of use gets worse, please purchase new ones. ◇ ◇ Do not use the foundation of the foundation to prevent the foundation of the foundation, such that the surface of the foundation may be solid and can not be used, as it uses a powdery type foundation without washing a brush using a liquid cream type foundation. ◇ foundation of Anessa, please use the dedicated sold separately sponge.

※ 日本語 ※




(パウダータイプ・固形乳化タイプのファンデーションの仕上げ方)1)ファンデーションの表面を3回程度軽くタッチしてブラシに含ませ、「しっかりカバーゾーン」にトントンとおくようになじませます。2)ブラシに残ったファンデーションで、「適度にカバーゾーン」を軽くおさえるようになじませます。目のまわりはブラシを左右に動かし塗布します。 3)フェースラインの「薄ぬりゾーン」は、外側に向かってブラシを動かしなじませます。




ファンデーション ブラシ 131(専用ケース付き)







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