Maki-jurized White Powdery UV (Refill)

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※※ English and 日本語 ※※
※ English ※
Foundation leading to pure white skin without turbidity

It is a powder that creates a pure white skin with highly transparent sensing. Brightly illuminating the skin, with a light emission powder blended with bright tone up. There is no turbidity in an instant and the brightness of the eyelids is long lasting. Pure white essence ** blended to give moisture to the skin. * Eight-hour cosmetic tuning data (資..) ** Yukinoshita extract, lumpyan extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, silicic acid (NA / Mg) ※ Sponge is a sponge, the sponge is sold separately. Please use SF).

▶▶How to use
1. Take uniformly to the area of ​​1/2 sponge to slide the surface of the foundation.

2. From the center of the face to the outside, it is a spoof to slip sponge with one of the other sponge. Take the foundation again and the other as well. * Do not put force. * If you go outward from the center, the foundation will spread thinner towards the face line, so it will be finished naturally.

3. At the farms, nose, mouth, to face line, at the foundation remaining in the sponge. * Since the face is the first thin and delicate part of the face, please be briefly. * Eight, nose, and mouthwhelms to be pressed using the sponge tip. * Face line makes the entire sponge using the entire sponge.
4. Look at the overall finish and take a small amount of foundation and repeat the foundation.

● Set in the case and use it. (Set method)
● Remove the foundation of the foundation from the refill, insert a medium on the end of the case (the opposite side of the sponge) to a plug-in dish, and push it from the top until the inner dish (sponger side) is clicked.
● When retrieving the middle diet from the case, it takes the finger belly on the inner dish (sponge side) and pull it out while moving it on the other side.
(When using water) The entire sponge is used to cover and use it to squeeze it.

(Point to finish skin naturally three-dimensionally) Finished in the order of zones, moderate cover zones, and thinning zones, and finish more natural and three-dimensionally while covering the necessary parts. 1. It is a part where there are many troubles of zone skin. If this is covered here, the entire face will feel bright and healthy, so we will finish it firmly and finish it. 2. Moderately, an egg type zone that is smaller than the entire cover zone face. Like the sponge or finger, around the eyes with lots of expression, around the mouth, and the amount of sebum and the amount of sebum is more likely to make a thin-shaped T-zone. 3. The lumen and face line of the thinning zone and the face line remained out of the sponge or finger, and the outward is focused on the outside. * Finally, let's check if there is no unevenness or the border between the neck and the neck.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Writing White Powdery UV Oakur 20 (Refill)

Internal capacity
10 g
Product size
Width 45mm × height 8mm × depth 53mm

UV protection effect
SPF25 · PA ++

Covering power

Feeling of use
Finely fine


Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

Tarc, titanium oxide, (vinyl dimethicone / methicone silsylsithquioxane) cross polymer, ethylmethoxyhyganohydride, (diphenyl dimethicone / vinyl diphenyldimethicon / silsesquioxane) cross polymer, carbonate Ca, vaseline, hydrogenated polydecene, hydroxylation Al, (IPDI / poly (1,4-butanediol) -14) Cross polymer, perfluorooctylitylethoxysilane, sesquiosostearate sorbitan, methyl acetate polymer, ukinoshita extract, hyaluronic acid Na, Lumpyan extract, dystearic acid Al , Dimethylsilylated silica, (alkyl acrylate / dimethicone) copolymer, glycerin, stearic acid, silica, tetrahydrotetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane, ethanol, water, silicic acid (Na / mg), tetrade hen, Al, tocopherol, BHT, alumina, chlorphenesin, synthetic gold monster, mica, iron oxide, zinc oxide, sulfuric acid BA

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

◇ ◇ Please use it carefully if there is no abnormality such as wounding, dampening, coloring (white spots etc.) and darkness. If you do not fit your skin, discontinue use and consult your skin physician. ◇ Please do not go to the day of the day or at high temperature. ◇ If the sponge is good, it will be difficult to find the foundation, so please use it for your cleanliness. ◇ ◇ When the sponge is dirty, use the "Shiseido Sponge Cleaner N" of sold separately, or use a neutral detergent to lewding and washing lightly. It's enough so that the detergent does not remain, and after drying it, dry it and dry it. ◇ 注 Please note that it may be a content by impact such as falling. S 商 Product SPF display and PA display are the result of measuring 2 mg with 2 mg per 1 cm 2 defined in the International SPF Test Method.

※ 日本語 ※







ライティング ホワイトパウダリー UVオークル20(レフィル)


SPF25 ・ PA++









◇お肌に傷やはれもの・湿しん・色抜け(白斑等)や黒ずみなどの異常が生じていないかよく注意して使用してください。お肌に合わないときは、使用を中止し、皮ふ科医などにご相談ください。◇日のあたるところや高温のところにおかないでください。◇スポンジがよごれるとファンデーションがつきにくくなりますので、いつも清潔にしてお使いください。◇スポンジがよごれたときは、別売りの「資生堂 スポンジクリーナーN」をお使いいただくか、中性洗剤をぬるま湯にうすくとかして軽く押し洗いをします。洗剤が残らないように十分すすいだあと、水気をきり、日かげでよく乾かしてからお使いください。◇落下などの衝撃により中味がわれることがありますのでご注意ください。◇商品のSPF表示及びPA表示は、国際SPF試験法に定められている塗布量1cm2あたり2mgを皮ふに塗布して測定した結果です。

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