Revital Grana Scream Condens

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Deep drying and scolded skin, high concentration cream

A high concentration cream with a rich moisture and soft and loosened skin with dryness such as low temperature. When one agent and the second agent are mixed, high concentration oil and beauty essence are enriched to cream. Nobatsu first start fit the skin and eventually become a rich and rich in a rich moisture and keep the cosmetic ingredients on the skin.

▶▶How to use
(How to use) 1. Please use at the end of the care. The palm is made into the palm, and the one agent, the two-dose is pressed once a dispenser. Make your finger to not spread the solution too much to your palm and mix until it gets white cream.

2. First, go to the forehead. We will draw a big circle from the center of the face to the outside. 3. It is gentle around the delicate eyes, and the eyes will be given from the eyes. 4. From the nose to the isola. The mouth will fly slowly to draw a circle. 5. Agate goes outward from the center. It will be slowly fed throughout the skin.

(More effective usage) At the end of the night care, one medicine for the hand and the two doses, both the palm, and mix and mix. 1. First, draw a big circle and draw a circle. 2. Next, pull up the corner of the mouth and the nose. 3. As the amount is pulled up, the eyes draw a circle around the eyes. Finally, press the temple.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Cream condense

Internal capacity
1 drug: 30 ml2 agent: 15 ml
Period of use
About 5 months (standard in usage using method)

Granas floral scent

Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

[1] Mineral oil, triethylhexanoin, PEG / poly-1,2-butanediol-52/32 dimethyl ether, dimethicone, water, DPG, diphenylsiloxyphenyltrimethicone, PEG-10 hydrogenated oil, isostearic acid, Lauloyl Glutamate (Phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), Rose Hip Oil, Gipalmitinic Acid Acidic Acid, Acetate Tocopherol, Palmitinol, Palmitic Acid Seko Extract, PEG-20 Human Oil, BHT, BG, Corn Oil, Tocopherol, Fragrance [2 Agents] Water, BG, Ethanol, DPG, PEG-150, Glycerin, PEG / PPG-14/7 Dimethyl ether, Betaine, xanthan gum, Laurylbetaine, Norbora extract, hydrolytic yeast extract, arginine, Isayo Bara extract, Ichiyakosoue extract, Aceniyaku extract , Warmococolation, PPG-13 desyltetrades-24, citric acid Na, metaphosphate Na, citric acid, isostearic acid, pyosulfite Na, tocopherol, methyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid Na, perfume

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

一◇ One agent, the duple is extracted by pressing the dispenser the same number, and mix it after mixing. ◇ 始 Please press the dispenser several times until the beginning of use. ◇ Please do not go to the day of the day or at high temperature. ◇ ◇ Do not reach the hands of infants.

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