Gifu Santoku VG10 Tokyo 2020 Chef Knife

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This Luxury kitchen knife is produced by talented craftsmen of the Gifu Prefecture and uses VG10 Damascus steel which known as the highest quality of Japanese stainless steel used in kitchen knives. This knife features excellent sharpness and is lightweight with good maneuverability by decreasing the overall lenght of the normal Santoku kitchen knife. It is primarilly used to cut meat and has a laser etched Tokyo 2020 Olympic games emblem on the back.

Material: Stainless Steel, VG10, Laminated Plywood

Size: 295mm W × 28mm H × 20mm D

Made in Japan

Handling Instructions:
※ Do not use metal brushes or steel wool, when cleaning wipe with soft cloth or soft brush and scrub gently.
※ Do not use corrosive detergent, harsh chemicals, or cleaning agent, you can use metal polish or toothpaste.
※ Please do not use for cutting hard objects such as bone, frozen foods, or ice to keep it from dulling.
※ Please avoid prolonged contact with liquids, always dry after washing otherwise it might cause the surface to rust.

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