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size: 110
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Sprinkle the "Go For 2020! Graphics ~ Hanabi ~" print, featuring the "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games emblem" on the part of the back yukata. Since the dressing simple "create zone" also it is not set, you feel free to go out in yukata.
3 out of size, 110cm · 130cm only, will deliver Kataage waist up already.
Since the color There are two colors, and you can wear with your friends and the different colors, it is a piece that is attracting attention in the all together with everyone.
Since there is also available to girls, you can enjoy to wear a pair.
※ This item has a different attitude of 1 point by point pattern. Please note.

Material: yukata = 100% cotton, band = 100% cotton

Delivery time Size: [110cm] Length 85cm, sleeve length 26cm, snow 44cm (Kataage waist up already) [130cm] Length 105cm, sleeve length 30cm, snow 54cm (Kataage waist already raised) [150cm] Length 132cm, sleeve length 40cm, Yuki 64cm
Size solved up: [110cm] Length 105cm, snow 48cm [130cm] Length 125cm, snow 58cm

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