Men's nightwear Jinbei Navy

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Ependymal the emblem of print, Tokyo 2020 official licensed products featuring the Pisunemu emblem under clothing. Comfortably cool summer, texture was silky weave 100% of the support, et al cotton. A weave has good air permeability lightly the unique grain feeling, is cool to look. Armhole part marked with a ladder race, spacious sleeves and hem comfortable refreshing. Going out, etc. of the summer of dressing gown, summer festival, it is a big success in any scene. One jacket on the left, with a convenient pocket to both sides in the lower garment. Size You can choose from the M · L · LL.
Material: Shijira

[M] Bust 88 to 96㎝ / Height 165 to 175㎝ / waist circumference 76 to 84㎝
[L] Bust 96 to 104㎝ / Height 175 to 185㎝ / waist circumference 84 to 94㎝
[LL] Chest 104 to 112㎝ / Height 175 to 185㎝ / waist circumference 94 to 104㎝

Country of manufacture: Japan

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