Three-color ballpoint pen disappear when rubbed

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In one can distinguish the three colors, many times write off can highly convenient three-color ballpoint pen
Nib is a very fine type of 0.5mm, is suitable for writing to the fine points, such as notebook and materials.
● ink colors: black, red and blue ● core replacement: LFBTRF30EF-3B / 3R / 3L / 3C
Transparency is handwriting with temperature change.
Off scum does not come out. Unerased is small.
Ballpoint pen disappear when rubbed could erase write any number of times.
Can distinguish the three colors in one, is highly convenient three-color ballpoint pen that can be erased to write any number of times.
Ink color is basic three colors of black, red, and blue.
Material: [body] recycled polycarbonate [grip] elastomer
Size: [maximum diameter] φ13.8mm [full-length] 145mm [ball diameter] 0.5mm [body weight] 14.6g
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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