Pure gold sterling silver medallion set (pure gold 20g sterling silver 30g)

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It was to produce a gold and silver medallion set was embossed the tournament emblem to commemorate the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Pure gold medallion glossy finish, sterling silver medallion has been housed in a beautiful wooden case subjected to a satin finish.
Self-standing case you can enjoy decorating it.

※ medallion has been housed in a wooden case on which was placed in a protective case.
※ If the orientation of the protective case in the case is shifted, in addition to taking out a medallion remove the acrylic plate, you can fix also from the back side.
※ sterling silver medallion has been applied discoloration prevention processing, but there is a possibility that changes color in the course of the time nature of sterling silver.
Material: [body] pure gold, sterling silver [case] tree
Size: [gold] a diameter of about 25mm 20g [sterling] diameter of about 40mm 30g
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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