Silver whistle pendant [gold and silver set]

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[Tokyo 2020 Official online shop limited release]
Limited 100 set / serial number

To prepare for the crime and disaster prevention, silver whistle pendant to protect the people and important to you.
Informs their presence in case of emergency.
Sculpture competitions emblem in the center of the whistle. Chain is an adjustable length sliding.
In gold, silver set will deliver in its case.
It is also recommended to the anniversary gift.

Display to the optimal window with a special case containing also
Tournament designations within the case plate printing the serial number to
- Accessories: SV925 sliding chain 50cm (length adjustable)

※ serial number will enter the tournament called plate in the case. Please note that you can not choose your serial number.
※ compared to the typical whistle, the size of the sound will be smaller Please note.
※ The photograph may differ from the actual color.
※ price and design are subject to change without notice.
※ There is a case to stop production due to unforeseen reasons.
※ measure of the age of this product is more than 6 years of age.
※ Before using this product, please be sure to read "Notes on handling" of the product.

Material: [gold] SV925 (yellow gold plated) / [silver] SV925 (rhodium-plated)
Size (Pendant): [length] about 39mm, [diameter] this about 7mm × 2
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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