K18 fan-shaped sash clip brooch pendant

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Japan decoration of the origin "fan" representation of the Japanese beauty motif, gem of the dish craftsmanship of Japan shines.

• Due to traditional craft of "hair carving" technique, three-dimensional representation of the fan
Tokyo 2020 glossy represented in this lacquered the Olympic emblem
Diamond casually 12 stone set (D0.13ct)
· Engraved "TOKYO 2020" Games Signature
Tokyo 2020 Tung boxed Olympic emblem was designed
And quality guarantee with

As a brooch or a sash clip, also, it can also be used as a pendant using a chain like you have (the chain is not included).

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Material: K18 Yellow Gold, K18 white gold, diamond (D0.13ct), this lacquer
Size: about) 30 × 60 mm (cord insertion hole: 10 × 5 mm)
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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