Suifu lanterns - Nishinouchi Japanese paper [Ibaraki Prefecture] lanterns

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It is a is Nishinouchi Japanese paper and Suifu lanterns of collaboration products Ibaraki Prefecture of traditional crafts. Nishinouchi Japanese paper has a robustness that does not tear even if immersed in water, is characterized by texture warm.
Suifu lanterns were lavish use of such Japanese paper, while using the traditional methods, it is recommended as an interior and friendly design. And it finished with a special lantern featuring up and down the deep blue of the Tokyo 2020 Games color.
※ This is lit only lantern in the battery. Candles can not be used.
※ will be the cause of wet and tear and damage to the water. Please refrain from the use of the outdoors.
Material: Japanese paper, wood, PET resin, metal
Size: W11 × H36 × D10.5cm
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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