Ogura woven [Fukuoka Prefecture] small pipe dream (Ai)

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It is popular since the Edo era more than 300 years, "Ogura organization". Not only strong in the thick, beautiful vertical stripes eye-catching fabrics.
This product is in the vertical stripes of the unique organization Ogura the image of the deep blue of the Tokyo 2020 Games color, we expressed the sense of movement of the Tokyo 2020 Games. Wrapping cloth that can wrap a variety of things and have a piece is a product that can feel familiar the spirit and culture that values ​​the Japan of things.
※ The color of the product, the texture and the like might look different from the actual color. Please note.
※ we are using 100% cotton material, but may be more or less shrinkage when washed.
※ Light stains, should be dropped with a soft brush or dry cloth.
※ Please avoid tumble dry.
Material: cotton
Size: W43 × H43cm
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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