Tsugaru paint [Aomori Prefecture] temperature and humidity meter Royal Blue

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It is more than 300 years followed by traditional crafts "Tsugaru paint" and featuring the temperature and humidity meter in Aomori Prefecture. Overlaid the Tokyo 2020 Games look of deep blue in two colors, is a beautiful dish that represents the elegant color seems to Tsugaru paint. While you will put in your favorite places such as living room or entrance, why not try to be healed by the beauty of traditional crafts unique.
※ The color of the product, the texture and the like might look different from the actual color. Please note.
※ traditional crafts collection product is produced over a period of time and effort by the handwork of every single building hand. Products reach your hand is, because there are individual differences of traditional crafts unique, not please enjoy with local unique culture.
※ because it becomes a precision instrument, please do not give a strong shock.
※ and fixed to the original color will show through gloss lacquer painted on the surface by a very small amount of ultraviolet rays in a fully rigid and in the home of lacquer over the course of the month.
Please refrain from installing in direct sunlight ※.
※ is for general home or indoor.
Material: wood, lacquer
Size: W16 × 16 × 3.1cm
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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