Aji Origin stone products [Kagawa Prefecture] Circle weight

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It is counted as one of Japan's three major granite, products using the Aji stone called diamond of granite. Fine-grained and scalp strongly to weathering, is a gloss features that shine enough to polish.
For engraving by the blast rather than a laser engraving, less susceptible to the effects of weathering due to aging, you can enjoy a long time its representation. Please use as weigh on the coaster or lid. Please enjoy the warmth of goods by handiwork, which is also the best part of traditional crafts.
※ The color of the product, the texture and the like might look different from the actual color. Please note.

Material: Aji stone
Size: W10.8 × D10.8 × H0.6㎝
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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