Ishikawa Yamanaka Tokyo 2020 Lacquerware Cup Set (Set of 2) [Pre-Order]

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This Yamanaka lacquerware set was made by skilled craftsmen from the Ishikawa prefecture in Japan. Made by using hollowed out Zelkova trees and then added with a lacquer finish these cups not only look amazing but they also feel amazing as well with its smooth texture and gloss.

Material: Zelkova, Lacquer, Urethane

Size: 8.2cm W × 12.8cm H

Made in Japan

※ The colors and/or textures shown on the pictures might differ from the actual product due to difference in lighting and post-processing.
※ This product is hand-made using traditional techniques, offering a unique individual differences of each item produced.
※ Immerse the product in diluted bleach solution and wash carefully before first use.
※ Not microwaveable or dishwasher safe.

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