Kanazawa foil [Ishikawa] paper straws

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Use unbleached kraft paper of the medical that is not bleached with chemicals. With its own technology, sterilization and excellent durability, to realize the goodness of taste, we only had to drink in peace without maceration also between drink one cup. Print technology Ri you clear the predetermined inspection on the basis of the elution test, such as the Food Sanitation Law, Kanazawa foil uses the edible gold leaf. The package has been using recycled PET utilizing renewable resources, it is a commodity that was also friendly to the environment.
※ The color of the product, the texture and the like might look different from the actual color. Please note.
※ paper straw is disposable.
※ on the characteristics of the paper straw, it will air bubbles are likely to occur when you use in carbonated beverages.
Material: paper, Kanazawa foil
Size: W0.7 × H19.7 × D0.7㎝
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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