Yame lanterns [Fukuoka Prefecture] Yumiharijochin

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Yumiharijochin using the technology of a single Article spiral type by connecting bones (Ichijo Rasenshiki). Inherited the technique from the late Edo period, are one by one handmade, warm texture has been applied using the Japanese paper in the firebox. As well as for hand-held lights for and festivals, you can be pleased as a gift of Tokyo 2020 tournament Memorial.
※ The color of the product, the texture and the like might look different from the actual color. Please note.
※ Please do not get wet in the rain-water. It may cause damage.
※ Do not use candles in the absolute. Since there is a case to be flammable, please use a commercially available LED type candle battery lamp
Material: wood, paper, wire
Size: W16 × H48 × D20cm
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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