Aomori Prefecture Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Tsugaru-Coated Traditional Lacquer Drinking Cup

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Tsuguru coated lacquerware cup which combines the robustness and grace of modernity with the traditional appearance used in the past. It is made using a unique coating technique developed in the Aomori Prefecture which features the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games logo printed on the front.

Material: Lacquer, Wood Fiber Board

Size: 10cm W × 6cm H × 10cm D

Made in Japan

※ The colors and/or textures shown on the pictures might differ from the actual product due to difference in lighting and post-processing.
※ Please refrain from exposing or soaking the product in hot water or liquids for a long time as this may damage the coating and/or the lacquer.
※ Avoid exposing to direct sunlight or expose to high humidity when storing.
※ If wet or dirty, please wipe moisture or dirt with a smooth dry cloth, avoid using abrasive powders, sponges, or put inside the dishwasher.
※ Single-Item only, not a part of a set.

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