Men's dyed yukata black pongee

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size: M
¥129,800 ¥222,500


Craftsmen skilled in the traditional technique called Note dyed has finished with handwork for each temporarily.

With Tsumugiito, and the fabric of the yarn-dyed referred to as "pongee". Tsumugi is light and not crisp, it is very easy to wear kimono. Loosely it is better to wear in rough looks fashionable than the tightly Kitsukeru. At first I feel as stiff as the fabric is hard, wear it, you will lightly soft and comfortable enough to wear. Because the fabric itself there is a facial expression, it is attractive to shine even in a simple design.

※ geta on the photograph is an image, not included in the commodity.
Material: cotton
Size: [M] Length 140, sleeve length 50, snow 68cm [L] Length 145, sleeve length 50, snow 70cm [LL]: Length 150, sleeve length 50, Yuki 72cm
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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