Ladies this dyed yukata white background Cloisonne

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Craftsmen skilled in the traditional technique called Note dyed has finished with handwork for each temporarily.

Based on the design using the classic pattern of "cloisonne pattern", garnish the emblem in one point. Cloisonne and are also referred to as the seven treasures were thumps form referred to in the Buddhist scriptures, the chain's this pattern that leads to eternity, is "amicable", "harmony", "trailing edge" auspicious pattern that wish was filling, such as. It also has a continuous pattern that crossed diagonally by joining the oblong pointed at both ends, also referred to as a "cloisonne tie".

※ geta on the photograph is an image, not included in the commodity.
Material: cotton
Size: [S] Length 155, Sleeve 49 Yuki 66cm [M] Length 163, Sleeve 50 Yuki 68cm [L] Length 170, sleeve 51, Yuki 70cm
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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