Tono cypress products [Gifu Prefecture] geta (for indoor use)

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size: 23
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※ Because I do not hear the exchange and returned goods due to the size difference, please purchase check carefully on the size, and the like.
[I will send it out in two and a half months before and after from the date of order]
Called the Tono cypress of Gifu Prefecture, beautiful skin eyes, is the wooden clogs that private a strong wood in durability and moisture. Tono cypress is a famous wood, which is also used as a timber of Geku in Shikinen Sengu of Ise Shrine.
In addition, comfortably the cypress unique natural rich aroma, smooth feet touch gives healing to the feet. This product is a shoe that can movement of toes while wearing the purpose of maintaining health. Only wearing, is a product that you can enjoy the feeling that feels good.
※ since it is assumed that you use in a room, in the case of the use of outside, can not be of the endurance of the sole guarantee.
※ In the case of water wet, please use good dry with.
※ Because we sedge to strengthen the thong, please use the break-in wear.
※ geta is easy to walk size the appropriate place protrude only a little foot of the heel and little finger from the base.
Plus about 1 ~ 1.5cm will be the size of a guide from the actual size
23 size (23.5cm below): W9.8 × H3.7 × D22cm
25 size (24 ~ 25cm): W10.7 × H3.7 × D24cm
27 size (26 ~ 27cm): W11.5 × H3.7 × D26cm
Material: [base] Tono cypress [Sole] EVA resin [is still] polyester
Size: 23cm, 25cm, 27cm
Country of manufacture: Japan [Made in Japan]

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