SHISEIDO Men Altimant Real Kit

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Altimant Real Kit

SHISEIDO Men's Face Cleanser (Cleanser), Hyde Rating Lotion (Lotion), a limited kit with a special original porch with a mini size of the three items of the Ayamuan Power Lotion (Beauty Solution). [Set contents] · Face clenzer (face cleanser) 30g · Hyde Rating Lotion (face lotion) 30 ml · ultimune Power Lizing Concentrate (Beauty Solution) 15ml · SHISEIDO Men Special original Pouch (T-shame, lipstick, etc. Size that can be stored together)

▶▶How to use
【Face Cleanser】
● After wet the entire face, you will be able to foam well while adding a small amount of water or lukewarm water to the palm of clean hand, and adding a small amount of water or lukewarm water and wraps the face. Then flush it enough. 【Hyde Rating Lotion】
● After cleansing and wheat, the palm is 500 yen coin large (about 1.5 ml) as a guide, and let the face lightly to light. 【Altimune Power Lizing Concentrate】
● Please use after cleansing and warmth. If you use lotion, please use after lotion.
● Dispenser Two pressed minutes and make it uniform throughout the face.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Altimant Real Kit

Citrus Woody

Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

[Face Cleanser] Water, glycerin, myristic acid, stearic acid, PEG-6, PEG-32, hydroxylated K, lauric acid, sorbitol, cocoil methyl taurine Na, glyceryl stearate (SE), isostearic acid PEG-60 glyceryl, Silica, Mitsuro, Polytic Otanium-6, Seiyo Hakka Leaf Extract, Clara Root Extract, Tobaki Seed Extract, EDTA-3NA, BG, Tocopherol, Fragrance [Hyde Rating Lotion] Water, Glycerin, Dean-to-Calcol, DPG, PEG / PPG-14 / 7 Dimethyl ether, erythritol, glycyrrhydric acid 2K, polykeotanium-51, thiotaurine, silakamba duct-24, PPG-13 desyltetra debit as 24, citric acid Na, citric acid, metaphosphate Na, dimorpholinopyridazinone, ethanol, tocopherol, Methyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, perfume [Ultimune Power Lizing Concentrate] Water, Glycerin, Modified Alcohol, Bg, DPG, Dimethicone, xylitol, PEG / PPG-17/4 Dimethyl Ether, Diphenylsiloxyphenyltrimethicone, (Acryloyl Dimethyl Taurine Ammonium / Methacryl Acid Bejenes-25) Cross Polymer, Eristritol, PEG / PPG-14/7 Dimethyl Ether, Glycyl Glycine, Tocopherol, Lauloyl Glutamate Da (Phytosteryl / Octyldodecyl), xanthan Gum, Sakuya Kone Extract, Seiro Hakka Leafel Extract, Glistyllithinic Acid 2K , Dokudami extract, Isayo Bara extract, carboxymethyl glucan Na, European brutal extract, chalkis, swivel leaf extract, thillo extract, Tobaki seed extract, pepper extract, lasi-index, PEG-12 dimecicon, carbomer, ethanol, hydroxygium Stearoyl methyl taurine Na, silica, EDTA-2NA, pyosulfite Na, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, perfume

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

◇ Do not place it at the sun and at high temperatures. 【Face Cleanser】 ◇ If you get in your eyes, please rinse with water or lukewarm water. ◇ Place it out where you can not reach the hands of infants. ◇ ない Do not use it as it may be deteriorated when there is skin disorder such as dampening and skinflower (rash, just). ◇ お When you feel or feel Shige, please use it. ◇ ◇ After using it, please clean up the mouth of the container and be sure to simply catch the cap.場合 If you use a bathroom dryer, do not place it in the bathroom. [Hyde Rating Lotion] ◇ After use, close the cap properly.注 Please be careful about fire. [Ultimune Power Lizing Concentrate] ◇ 始 始 Please press the dispenser slowly and slowly until the beginning of use. ◇ ◇ After using, please clean up the mouth of the container and simply catch the cap.中 中 Do not remove the dispenser from the container during the use period and during the use period.

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