Eric Seal Advanced Estatic Essence

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Located with eyes that can not be seen. "Tsuya Ball" and Sparkling Estatic Essence

Advanced Aging Care * Located in the eyes and cheeks. "Tsuya ball" further shining. The cosmetic solution of carefully selected ingredient blends is a massage roller that is originally developed by Eriksel, and it is noted that the skin is pulled up and the cheek position is "Tsuya ball" to the shining skin. A gentle floral scent that meets the heart. Distinctive by drying. (Efficacy evaluation tested) * Urgae Care according to age

▶▶How to use

● We use it after preparing your skin in morning or night, lotion and emulsion. ※ When using the esthetic essence in the morning, use it before sunscreen and makeup underground.
● After painting the cosmetic fluor into the entire face with the roller, apply it while pulling up to massage the entire face with the roller.

(I. How to put out cosmetic fluid) The roller of the container is rotated and the upper and lower ▲ can be combined to allow a cosmetic solution. When a cosmetic solution comes out, ▲ at the top and bottom of the head are facing. You can also get a gap between the head and the tube. ▲ is not opposite when a cosmetic solution does not appear.

(II. Estimated amount of usage, application range)
● Press the tube to make the cosmetic solution the same size as the roller on both sides. ※ After issuing a cosmetic solution, rotate the head part to make the cosmetic fluid in the absence.
● Buccal and amount, 4 points of jaws, shake the cosmetic solution and spread with a roller to a part to massage the cosmetic solution.

(III. Method of Massage) It is point to hold the main body and make it a pleasant strength.
● Apply to lift along the face line, cheeks, and spine lines. (6 times each)
● Under the eyes of the roller, it slips slowly and slowly towards the eye. I will give it up from above on the eyebrows. (6 times each)
● After massage, the palm will make the cosmetic fluid throughout the face.

* After using it, please clean up the roller part and the container mouth and clean tissue paper, etc. and close the cap properly.

▶▶▶Detailed Information
Esthetic essence

Internal capacity
40 g
Period of use
About 3 months (a guide in how to use it)
Product size
Width 48mm × height 150mm × depth 29mm

Tube type

Gentle floral scent that meets the mind

Depending on the change of the origin, it may be different from the actual display. For the actual origin, see the product display.

Release date

Water, ethanol, Bg, DPG, pentaerythritic, dimethicone, glycerin, hydrogenated polydecene, behenyl alcohol, xanthan gum, acetate tocopherol, caffeine, inositol, mukurodium extract, ginkgo leaf extract, Iris root extract, turmeric raw extract extract Water-soluble collagen, hydrolyzed yeast, netherlands gala treats / stem extract, Behinose-20, batill alcohol, vaseline, carbomer, TEA, EDTA-2NA, tocopherol, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, perfume

It may differ partly with the actual ingredients due to the improvement of the product and changing the display method. The actual ingredient is to view the product display.

Usage notes

注 Please be careful not to get in eyes. If you enter, please rinse with water or lukewarm water immediately. ◇ Avoid using massage tools to eyelids. Because the eyes are delicate parts, please be careful not to put force when using it. ◇◇ Please be careful not to sandwich the hair at the time of massage. ◇ This product uses stainless steel rollers. Please note that metal allergy is handling. ◇ ◇ Low temperature can be less susceptible to the ingestion, but if you want to warm it by hand, please use it. ◇ Do not force the head part to force the tube and strongly press the tube without the cosmetic solution. It may cause damage. ◇ ◇ After using the roller part and the container mouth, it is possible to clean and close the cap, etc. and close the cap. ◇ Do not wash the head with water. If you leave with water wet, the quality of the head part is impaired. If you get wet, please wipe it immediately. ◇◇ Dispert it after using a cosmetic solution from the sanitation of the container and durability. ◇ Place it out where you can not reach the hands of infants. ◇ Do not place it at the sun and at high temperatures.

※ 日本語 ※






●ローラーを目頭の下にあて、目じりに向かってゆっくり引きのばしながら滑らせます。眉毛の上からはじめ、上に向かって引きあげます。 (各6回)












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